Two wind  turbines in a green landscape in the Jiujiang Changling wind farm located in the Jiangxi Province, south of China.

    Wind power preserves a healthy environment

    The Case for Wind, in 10 Blade Points

    Wind power preserves a healthy environment

    Blade point #10

    Living a long, healthy life goes hand-in-hand with preserving a clean and healthy environment. Wind turbine blades create energy by capturing the wind — a clean, renewable resource, that will never run out. When looking at the entire life cycle of a wind turbine, the turbine quickly contributes to a cleaner world, by avoiding air pollution and the environmental degradation associated with burning fossil fuels.

    Of course wind turbine manufacturing leaves a footprint, like any manufacturing process, and we continuously strive to become more sustainable throughout our product’s life cycle. Currently it takes 3-6 months to recoup the energy that goes into producing, operating and recycling a wind turbine after its 20-25 year lifetime (GWEC). We are proud of our contribution to a cleaner world, and know we can always do more to minimize our impact by developing ever more efficient and reliable blades. 


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    Wind is the most cost-efficient & environmentally-friendly energy source

    David Yan, Commerical Senior Director, China

    The case for wind

    The world needs to use more sustainable energy sources

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