Wind Power helps combat climate change

    The Case for Wind, in 10 Blade Points

    Wind power helps combat climate change

    Blade point #8

    Climate change is a challenge we need to solve together: limiting global temperature rise to prevent devastating damages. This is a long-term goal requiring a long-term solution and a long-term implementation plan. In December 2015, after almost two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), 195 nations came together to sign a global climate deal. The 31-page document represents the first time in history that all the world’s nations have agreed to tackle climate change.

    Reaching a global consensus on this highly-debated topic is an achievement in itself. But, agreeing to take on climate change is only a first step; nations must now invest in solutions that decrease greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve the Paris Agreement's 2°C cap on temperature rise, an overwhelming majority of investment in the energy sector will have to be in renewables. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), doubling the share of renewable energy in the energy mix by 2030 will reduce global CO2 emissions by 35 percent. Wind energy will play a central role in reaching this target: it is quick to install, cheap to operate, reliable and has minimal harmful environmental impact. Each year our blades save the world 147 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, doing our part to mitigate climate change and preserve our planet for future generations.

    Wind power is, by definition, a ‘green industry’. But, we can’t stop here. Producing wind turbines, like any manufactured product, has an impact on our world’s resources. The strongest contribution we can make is to continue to make wind energy more compelling through technological innovation, supply chain and manufacturing optimization and product reliability which will help make wind the most competitive source of renewable energy for the world. We committed to the Paris Pledge for Action — an initiative intended as a political signal to demonstrate the breadth of support and scale of momentum for a transition to a low-emission and climate-resilient economy. At the same time, we look at our own operations and work to minimize our impact, with Sustainability as our constant target.


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    Wind power increases energy security

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