Wind power benefits local communities

    The Case for Wind, in 10 Blade Points

    Wind power benefits local communities

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    We often hear about the global contribution of wind power – reducing the cost of energy worldwide and combatting climate change by avoiding carbon dioxide emissions. But what happens when you zoom in one community, or an individual farm? Here, even a single wind turbine can bring incredible benefits.

    When a developing country or community needs to quickly supply more power to meet people’s energy demands, wind is the answer. Unlike a nuclear power plant that may require seven years to build (NEA, 2014), wind farms can be installed in just six months, to provide clean, sustainable, affordable electricity to a community for more than twenty years.

    Who benefits from bringing wind power to a community? Everyone. Tax revenue from wind turbine land lease payments and property taxes provide money for schools, roads and job creation, often in rural areas starving for growth and new investment. By putting a few wind turbines on his land, a farmer can preserve the family farm for future generations. In fact, wind turbines take up less than one percent of the land area of a wind farm (Wind Europe, 2016). Farmers can continue to plant crops and graze animals on the same land.

    We could continue to list the many benefits wind power brings to local communities. But instead, we will let the numbers and stories from communities around the world speak for themselves.


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    The wind industry's local benefits are clear

    Alexandre Boulay, Gaspé Plant Director

    The case for wind

    The Case for Wind in Quebec

    Our colleagues in  Gaspé, Canada  proudly voice their view on the many advantages wind energy offers their community and the world. Share, and together let's support wind energy in Quebec.

    the case for wind

    Wind power doesn't deplete or pollute our water resources

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