The world needs to use more sustainable energy sources

    The Case for Wind, in 10 Blade Points

    The world needs to use more sustainable energy sources

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    The world today faces an energy crisis. Global population is rising rapidly – projected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050 (UN DESA, 2015). More people means higher energy demand, but on top of this, we can’t forget the 1.2 billion people today who already live without electricity (IEA, 2015). Using affordable, renewable energy sources in developing countries can help raise their quality of life.

    As countries worldwide invest in additional power sources, we all need to think about the world we are creating for these future generations. Can power sources that pollute our air and water resources and emit climate change-inducing greenhouse gasses be a long-term energy solution on a resource-constrained planet?

    Providing a sustainable energy source for more than 9 billion people is a monumental challenge. To meet this challenge, renewable energy sources need to be a larger portion of the energy mix. Wind has a proven track-record of reducing the cost of energy every decade since the 1970s, and the world needs to capitalize on this clean and sustainable energy source. No matter how many people we are on this planet, we will not run out of wind!


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