Bonus Siemens offshore wind farm. Row of wind turbines seen from hub level at distance during daytime at Middelgrunden, in Denmark.

    Offshore wind is worth the investment

    The Case for Wind, in 10 Blade Points

    Offshore wind is worth the investment

    Blade point #4

    You’ve driven past wind farms. You may have even passed atruck transporting a blade. If you think these wind turbines are huge — youhaven’t seen anything yet! Today’s offshore wind turbines are giants, with arotor longer than a football field and with one 8 megawatt (MW) turbine generatingenough electricity to power more than 13,000 Danish homes. Bigger, longer,faster and more reliable: the trends offshore are clear.

    In this stormy and remote environment, engineers aredeveloping innovative solutions to further reduce the cost of energy. Here’swhy we think offshore wind’s potential is as deep as the ocean.    


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