sustainability organization

    A sustainability board sets the direction and a cross functional team drives the on-going integration of sustainability into all relevant business processes.

    Sustainabillity is part of our strategy and foundation for business growth. To ensure the ongoing integration of sustainability into our business policies and practices, we established a sustainability board in 2010 with high-level representation from key functions. Members of the sustainability board include management team members from HR and Communications, Engineering, Operations, and HSE. The sustainability board, which sets the strategic direction, reports directly to the CEO and works in close dialogue with a sustainability core team, consisting of people from key functions who continuously challenge and support the board on establishing policies, initiatives and projects to promote sustainability across the group.

     The core team is an operational and coordinating body. In close dialogue with the managers responsible for the various corporate functions, regions and units, the sustainability core team monitors and develops existing programs and initiatives to ensure that they support overall sustainability objectives or at least do not contradict them. The core team furthermore coordinates the sustainability reporting which is conducted on an annual basis in connection with the annual report and the annual Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact.'

    Sustainability formally became part of the foundation of our corporate strategy in 2010. It ties in our endeavors to improve safety, quality and environmental performance and challenges us to integrate sustainability into the corporate culture. We see this process of change as crucial for our future success and we are determined to spread the sustainability mindset to all relevant areas of the business

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