Partial view of root bushings of a finished blade. Faint view of another finished blade in the background; LM Wind Power production facility in Castellon, Spain.

    Supplier Engagement

    We recognize our suppliers as our partners. They play a crucial role in our ability to deliver high quality products and services.

    Our suppliers are key partners  

    we engage actively with suppliers to improve the quality of our product and improve our sustainability performance. 

     We ask our suppliers to live up to strict requirements, preferably having certifications on their quality, environmental and work environment management systems in place.

    Suppliers of core materials or components undergo thorough scrutiny when we engage in a cooperation and they are asked to sign our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct among other things specifies the requirement to follow all applicable laws and regulations, conduct business with integrity, promote fair employment practices, safe workplaces and protection of the environment and avoid conflicts of interests between personal and work affairs. All significant suppliers (i.e. the primary providers of a given good or service) undergo review and random audits in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

    Quality teamwork
    We actively engage with our suppliers on improvements to safety, quality and processes that will result in a better and more sustainable product. One example is a project where our Supplier Quality Development team worked with a supplier on balsa to control the process for getting the balsa from the plantation to our factories. Balsa is an extremely sensitive material that needs to be handled and stored in certain ways to avoid deterioration. For one, it is highly important that the material stays dry at all times to not develop funghi. The project resulted in improved workflows and efficiency at the supplier and a better quality product delivered

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    200+ Suppliers worldwide
    98.5% Suppliers covered by Supplier Quality Agreement
    82% Reduction in material non-compliance rate 2014

    Latest Sustainability Report

    Our sustainability reporting has evolved continuously, and we’ve pioneered the GRI Standards framework in our latest report.

    Spotlight on China: Training and dialogue with local suppliers

    Quality management in the supply chain is a crucial element to be successful in the wind market and one of the ways to achieve that is to forge stronger ties to the suppliers,” said Engineer David Liu, on the background for one of the latest initiatives by LM Wind Power’s Supply Quality Development (SQD) team.

    In the summer of 2014, they hosted 23 representatives from 11 Chinese suppliers at a two day workshop on LM Wind Power’s requirements to raw material. The suppliers got a thorough introduction to the organization, processes and quality standards of LM Wind Power products with the purpose of helping them to deliver consistent high quality. The key words for the workshop were: setting clear expectations and strengthening the relationship.

    The initiative has been very well received and based on the positive feedback from the suppliers the SQD team quickly startedto look at expanding the training to cover suppliers from other regions. The program will also continue to have a focus on China as all major suppliers of raw materials have a base there. “We have launched several initiatives, systems and processes to improve material quality with our suppliers during the last couple of years,” said David Liu. “Now we need to ensure successful implementation, and for that we are completely dependent on strong commitment from the suppliers. This type of training and dialogue show them we care and that they are part of our success.”

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