Safety, environment, technology, people

    Our four Sustainability focus areas

    Sustainability in focus

    Integrating sustainability into our strategy and operations starts with our vision: Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world.

    We have produced more than 185,000 wind turbine blades corresponding to approximately 77 Gigawatts (GW) of installed wind power capacity since the late 1970s. Each year, this effectively replaces approximately 147 million tons of CO2, doing our bit in the global battle against climate change. 

    We are proud of our contribution to a cleaner world but we also recognize that as a manufacturing company, we can do more to become leaner, greener and cleaner throughout our operations. 

    Throughout the year, our colleagues share stories from the four focus areas that structure our Sustainability work: Safety, Environment, Technology and People. Learn more about each focus area and read our Sustainability stories here.

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    Meet the Sustainables

    Introducing LM Wind Power's four Sustainability focus areas


    Safe people, safe products, safe processes and supply chain management. Safety is a core component of our Sustainability.

    Safety first is a promise and an objective that we want to live up to at all times. A safe working environment is a prerequisite for running a financially sustainable and profitable business. We are constantly building our Safety culture: reviewing and expanding our policies and guidelines; training managers and employees to raise awareness and build ownership; and implementing safer materials, equipment and tools wherever we can. We have seen significant results over the years with key performance indicators reflecting constant safety improvements in our plants. We know we can do better and continuously strive to reach the next level. Safety is, however, not only related to people and minimizing occupational hazards or strains. It also means having safe and reliable processes and supplier management to ensure a consistent high level of quality. The LM Production System based on LEAN principles helps provide safety in the workshops, keeping things in their proper place and organizing workflows to ensure quality production with the most efficient utilization of people and resources.

    440 Supervisors and team leaders trained in Safety Excellence 2014
    1.9 Record low Lost Time Accident rate per million work hours 2015


    All activities leave a footprint on nature and the climate. We work across the business to reduce our impact.

    LM Wind Power is part of the green energy industry with more than 185,000 blades produced since the late 1970s. But, manufacturing, assembling and transporting these blades requires resources and energy and produces waste. We constantly strive to improve by managing our environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle. In 2010 we began mapping our overall carbon footprint, taking a critical look at energy consumption, water consumption, waste generation and handling, product end-of-life and business travel. We work internally and with our suppliers on optimizing our material consumption to cut waste and cost. All facilities have targets for reducing energy and water consumption and continuously implement solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and cost. As a global company, travel is a needed and important. However, our travel policy aims at reducing this to a minimum to keep the environmental impact and cost down. Disposing of blades several meters long is an industry-wide challenge, as the first generation of wind turbines begins to exceed their 20-year lifetimes. In Denmark and other geographies our scrapped blade material is disposed through combustion, turning the blade into fuel for power generation. Long term, we strive for a recycling solution and actively engage in research projects to develop more environmentally-friendly disposal methods.

    Wind turbine in a bright landscape with yellow flowers. Wind farm is Jiujiang Changling located in Jiangxi Province south of China.
    5.9 million Euros saved from waste reduction program 2015
    21% Decrease in total energy consumption 2012-2014
    3.8 Savings ideas per employee implemented 2015
    Employees at the LM Wind Power Wind Tunnel Test Lab in Lunderskov, Denmark.


    We develop add-ons, new materials, and innovative solutions that increase blade reliability and performance, while reducing the environmental impact of our products.

    LM Wind Power has a long track record of innovations that improve blade efficiency while keeping cost down. That is the core of our business and we are proud of the contributions our products have made over the years in producing clean energy all over the world. We continuously innovate — developing the material, technology and manufacturing processes to create longer and lighter blades that extract more energy from the wind and reduce the cost of energy. Clean blades are efficient blades, so we develop new ways of maintaining blades to offer wind farm owners optimum operation and energy yield over the full 20-year lifetime. The tough offshore environment sets even higher standards for blade length and turbine reliability. For the world’s longest blades, it is crucial to find flexible ways of adjusting the aerodynamic properties to make the blades perform even better. Technology also increasingly makes blades more ‘intelligent’. Optical sensors embedded into a blade’s fiber layers measure the forces exerted on the blade with very high accuracy. At the tip of each blade, tungsten receptors capture lightning strikes and channel them safely away to a conductive cable. In the future these features will be combined with advanced monitoring technology, accurately measuring wind speeds and wind turbulence. Such innovations hold great promise for the powerful, intelligent blades of the future.

    8 New blade prototypes, a record for a single year 2015
    9,500 Blades produced in one year 2015
    5+ Significant material and technology innovations to boost AEP and reliability 2014


    In our global offices in Denmark and the Netherlands alone, there are more than 32 different nationalities. This diversity challenges us to stay open-minded and work together in new ways, always keeping our values of trust and respect in mind

    We want to be employer of choice and believe in promoting a culture of communication and values based leadership, supporting effective teamwork of high-performing people. We believe that equipping people with the right tools and skills combined with clear communication on what is expected of them helps provide a solid foundation for satisfied employees and sustained business success. But our focus on people doesn’t stop here; we strive to be a valued corporate citizen. Our global footprint means that we are present in many different and sometimes remote parts of the world. We bring employment and development through our business across Americas, Europe and Asia and our plants engage actively with the local communities in which we operate. The initiatives are often highly employee driven, supported by the company and range from charity donations, support for education, disaster relief, and collaborations with NGOs. We often host visits from students, organizations or other stakeholders to share our view on wind and renewables both in our Brand Center in Denmark and in our global business office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Celebrating international womens day in 2016
    6,632 Employees worldwide 2015
    1,400 Managers, supervisors and team leaders trained in Grow Plant Leaders program  2015
    26 Different nationalities employed 2014
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