Our approach to sustainability

    We’ve always worked hard to carefully balance profitable growth, integrity and caring for people as well as for the environment. This is our commitment and we are constantly raising our game and ambitions.

    We create value for the long term

    Sustainability is not about philanthropy or making us look better than we are. It’s about building a profitable, sustainable business that delivers value for all of our stakeholders now and in the future.

    In 2010, we joined the UN Global Compact as a signal of our commitment to running the business in a sustainable way. Our ambitions stretch beyond meeting regulatory requirements. We strive to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and have reported on our performance every year since 2011.

    We contribute part of the solution to the world’s most pressing challenges – like rising energy needs from growing populations and better living standards, resource scarcity, poverty, inequality and climate change. We are justifiably proud of our long track record in contributing to renewable energy but we want to do more. It’s a matter of not wasting resources, planning ahead, and constantly trying to improve. Those are the overall headlines for our sustainability initiatives that we focus within the areas of Safety, Environment, Technology and People.

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    Meet the Sustainables

    Breeze, Winston, Gus T. and Storm are our Sustainability mascots. They represent the power of our employees in driving Sustainability across the company. Meet them in this short animation and learn more about our approach to running a sustainable business.


    Our Code of Conduct

    The ethical framework for how we interact and do business.

    Formalized in 2007, the Code of Conduct is the foundation for our sustainability efforts. Together with our corporate values, this core documents guides our employees on how to represent the company in accordance with the highest ethical standards.  We expect all of our business partners to adhere to and adopt the principles of the Code of Conduct and ask them to sign it as a prerequisite for our collaboration.

    Policies, standards and certifications

    We are an international company operating in nine different countries and collaborating with partners all over the world. To ensure a consistent high level of quality, performance and ethical conduct in everything we do, we certify our operations and processes to the highest global standards.

    LM Wind Power leaders are responsible not only for their own actions but also for fostering a culture in which compliance with the Code of Conduct and its spirit is the core of our activities. The Code of Conduct is supported by policies and guidelines that are continuously expanded, reviewed and updated in keeping with the development of our company. All newcomers are introduced to the Code of Conduct and asked to sign it as a mandatory element in the onboarding process.

    ISO and OHSAS certifications
    LM Wind Power’s Quality and Health, Safety and Environmental Management systems are certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2008. All of our sites must obtain these certifications which are audited by external certification bodies. All LM Wind Power sites, except Suape in Brazil and Vadodara, India, are certified. Suape and Vadodara are scheduled for certification before end 2016.


    ISO 9001 Certificate

    ISO 14001 Certificate

    OHSAS 18001 Certificate

    Onshore wind farm of Gamesa in Spain. Alto Palancia / Alto Casillas, Castellon near Barracas
    our approach

    Sustainability anchored at the top

    LM Wind Power’s Sustainability program is anchored in the recently established Global HSE & Sustainability Council, chaired by CEO, Marc de Jong. This body oversees and decides on sustainability strategies, priorities and reporting in our endeavors to improve safety, quality and environmental performance while integrating sustainability into all aspects of the corporate culture. The Council consists of the CEO, VP Communications, HR & Sustainability, VP Quality & HSE, and the VP Operations. The decisions of the Council are implemented through the functional organization and the local plant sustainability committees.


    Four focus areas


    The Case for Wind

    In 10 Blade Points

    Wind power, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable business practices - there are many hot topics surrounding our business, and it's time we voiced our opinion.


    Latest Sustainability Report

    Our sustainability reporting has evolved continuously, and we’ve pioneered the GRI Standards framework in our latest report.

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