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    Where is the world's first offshore wind farm?

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    What is a wind class?

    When it comes to wind turbine performance, location matters. Turbines need to be designed for optimal performance and reliability in whatever weather conditions they may face throughout their lifetimes, be it a gentle breeze on a low-lying plain or a raging offshore storm.

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    How do blade engineers combat rain erosion?

    On the promising, new frontier of technological advances and market growth, the wind industry has also discovered a new challenge: blade leading edge erosion.

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    Global climate deal achieved: What does it mean for LM Wind Power?

    With wind as one of the most attractive forms of clean and renewable energy on the market, how will the December 2015 Paris Agreement impact LM Wind Power? Alexis Crama, VP Offshore Development and former head of Strategy, shares his view.

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    What is a blade mold plug?

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    What does X-ray vision have to do with blade design?


    The Case for Wind

    In 10 Blade Points

    Wind power, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable business practices - there are many hot topics surrounding our business, and it's time we voiced our opinion.

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