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    Press desk

    Your quick and easy source for corporate and financial information about Lm wind Power.

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    Christopher Springham
    Lene  Mi Ran Kristiansen
    Company Highlights

    Quick facts

    Download the latest LM Wind Power fact sheet.

    Let's start with the basics: LM Wind Power is the world's leading component supplier to the wind industry, providing blades, service and logistics. Learn more about our company highlights and history in this two-page fact sheet.

    Press desk

    Meet us

    Trade shows and events

    Here's where you can meet LM Wind Power next.

    press desk

    Download high resolution images

    Request access to the LM Wind Power image bank 

    Wind turbines and rotor blades are huge composite structures. We have collected a number of beautiful images  in our image bank. feel free to use them, but please use them with respect and use a caption stating "Courtesy of LM Wind Power".

    Press desk

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    Our stories

    Read and learn about wind

    The latest news from LM Places, spotlights on our innovative colleagues and highlights from our Sustainability journey together.


    Global footprint

    In 10 countries on 4 continents

    With blades factories in all major wind energy markets across four continents,  our reach extends beyond anyone else and puts us in pole position to respond faster than competition to the needs of the market. 

    Social media

    Follow us

    LM Wind Power is active on various social media channels. Follow us and stay up to date.


    The Case for Wind

    In 10 Blade Points

    Wind power, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable business practices - there are many hot topics surrounding our business, and it's time we voiced our opinion.

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