Hybrid blade tesing, test center

    Full scale testing

    Tests of strength and endurance

    We put Every new LM Wind Power blade type through rigorous static and dynamic tests. subjecting the blade to extreme loads and fatigue ensures reliability throughout its lifetime.

    Static Testing
     All new blade types undergo static testing before they are approved. A traction rig is attached to the blade by steel wires fixed at select points and then the blade is pulled to a point where it is subjected to the prescribed maximum load. The extreme load is tested on all sides for a week - leading edge, trailing edge, suction side and pressure side to ensure that it does not break. The whole program is repeated after dynamic testing to ensure that the blade can handle extreme loads even after high fatigue.

    Dynamic Testing
    Dynamic testing takes considerably longer. The aim is to subject the blade to fatigue loads corresponding to 20 years of normal wear and tear. This is done by setting the blade into five million oscillations edge wise and flap wise. During the test, an infrared camera is used to check for small breaks or cracks in the laminate.

    Crash Test
     When new materials are used or other significant changes are made to the blade type, a crash test may be added to the static and dynamic tests. In a crash test, a static test is continued until the blade breaks. The blade is then cut open at the point of fracture, and the surfaces, etc. are investigated in detail to discover the root cause.

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    Pure wind at 105 meters per second

    Our in-house wind tunnel simulates dynamic operating wind conditions, allowing us to examine aerodynamic properties and experiment with different solutions  for actively controlling the loads.

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