One team, one process, one blade

    When we manufacture blades, we work as one team. Irrespective of where our blades are produced, the philosophy, process and quality are the same.

    At the very core of our manufacturing operations around the world is LM Production Systems (LMPS). LMPS takes its cue from LEAN manufacturing and is customized to our organization of factories, our people and our processes.

    Uniformity in our production processes becomes even more important because of our global manufacturing footprint - across 15 locations and 4 continents. We are present where our customers want us to be! The value proposition to our customers includes delivering the same superior quality, irrespective of where the blade is produced. Along with identical production processes and systems, our seamless transfer of technology between factories guarantees the same product regardless of whether the delivery is from our factory in India, China, Spain, the USA, Canada, Denmark or Poland.

    The process of technology transfer draws on experts from existing factories who know everything from factory design, equipment, tests and production processes to quality control and testing. Management and staff are trained in all stages of production, and working methods are adapted to local conditions. Finally, the processes and products are always fully compliant with LM Wind Power’s quality and Health, Safety and Environment standards.

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    Building a reliable blade

    When the quality is right, the rest will follow!

    Quality blades: Rest assured!

    LM Wind Power constantly strives to maximize the quality of our products at different stages of development and production.

    Our ISO-certified QA system is one way we ensure that we always detect, correct and learn from all possible errors and deviations in processes. LM Wind Power and all of our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
    LM Wind Power uses a number of different checks during production, after finishing and even prior to the delivery of materials. As part of our NDT methods, we scan adhesive joints using infrared cameras. We also check laminates with a non-intrusive ultrasound scan and our lightning protection system is subjected to a four point resistance measurement. All our finished blades are delivered with a blade certificate that contains all the relevant data and results from our NDT.

    Quality assurance of raw materials

    The blade certificate also includes reference numbers of the raw materials used in each blade. To make sure the product our customers receive is of a superior, consistent quality, it is important to ensure the quality of the raw materials used in its construction. All deliveries of the main materials, for example resin, are inspected for quality at LM Wind Power’s laboratories on receipt. All suppliers are preapproved on the basis of specific criteria, and are audited by LM Wind Power on an ongoing basis.

    Culture & values

    We lean on LMPS

     By continuously training our people to think and apply the LMPS principles, we build trust and respect  and work as one team, while encouraging them to actively take ownership for products and processes. Each year their suggestions  lead to innovation,  excellence and thousands of improvements. Our values drive safety, quality and productivity to a higher level, to better support our customers and market. 


    Working closely with suppliers

    We buy specific performance characteristics from our suppliers. The requirements we present in relation to specially-developed raw materials escalate in step with our own technological development and demands for greater integration between design, materials and processes.

    Products & services

    We know blades

    Here's what it takes to build the most advanced, reliable and high-quality blades in the industry.

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