Innovation is the root of the future

    With our cutting-edge blade designs, we reduce the cost of energy – making wind power the right choice.

    As blade specialists, we know what it takes to boost performance, while minimizing loads on the turbine and reducing costs:

    • Hybrid carbon design and manufacturing, enabling us to create the world’s longest and most advanced blade – the LM 88.4 P. And now this technology is used during serial production of another record-setting onshore blade, for a 142 meter rotor

    • In-house aerodynamic experts, combined with innovative software, not only ensure tailored blade designs – our engineers also develop customized add-on’s to optimize blade performance and reduce noise

    • And ultimately, engineers verify the designs in our unique, onsite research facilities – including a rain erosion laboratory, full-scale test center and wind tunnel

    Below, explore our innovation projects and test centers, to find out why "We know blades."

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    We Know:


    Everything we do is by design.

    LM Wind Power has perfected the art of blade design over the past three decades. While the digital age has changed the way we generate our designs, the balance between key properties and fundamental blade concepts continue to form the basis of our designs.

    We know:


    The optimal balance between price and performance.

    Via smart engineering, we 'stretch' what our materials are capable of and continually expand the envelope of what can be achieved.

    We Know:


    Performance and reliability through rigorous testing.

    We are the only wind turbine blade manufacturer to have our very own wind tunnel and in-house testing facilities for full scale blade tests.

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    We know blades

    Here's what it takes to build the most advanced, reliable and high-quality wind turbine blades in the industry.

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