Service technicians watching the top of a wind turbine. Tower visible. Other turbines in the background. Wind farm Breña in Masegoso, province Albacete, Spain.

    Maintain and gain

    Extreme weather conditions or hailstorms hitting the blades at more than 300 km/h calls for effective inspections and repair. LM Wind Power offers the full spectrum of service and logistics as our services cover transportation, inspection, repair and maintenance of wind turbine blades. 

    Global wind turbine blade services

    Your reliable partner for advanced blade services, the expert service is never far away. 

    Wind turbine blades are exposed to heat, sand, rain, snow and hail and often the extreme weather conditions erode the surface. Wear and tear negatively affects aerodynamics, and increases turbulence in the blades resulting in reduced overall turbine input.

    Periodic service and maintenance sustains and even improves performance over the blade’s lifetime. Further, regular inspections and maintenance of blades help prevent minor defects from developing into structural cracks. And early analysis and repair of visible cracks is crucial in avoiding larger repairs in the future.

    With more than 35 years of experience in blade services, our offers are based on broad expertise and detailed knowledge of all aspects of the blade. This comprehensive track record provides the foundation for continuous improvement both in terms of technical solutions and developing the skills of our staff.

    Wind turbine blades are expected to operate for 20 years in all kinds of weather. That makes it important to carry out regular service and maintenance on the blades.

    Efficient on-site repair solutions and our global network of nine operations and maintenance support facilities ensure ensure that we deliver high quality solutions to wind farm owners across the world. Among our facilities are a number of regional workshops that handle difficult and complex repairs.

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    Focus on service & maintenance

    Never far away!

    Often wind farms are located in remote areas with difficult terrain. We have to be close to them, providing expert help while maintaining the highest HSE standards

    With regional service centers across four continents, wind farm operators can rest assured that their blades function with maximum efficiency and minimum down-time. Our service engineers and technicians  are trained extensively and is rooted in our 30 years of know-how . 

    Focus on HSE

    HSE at the forefront

    We emphasize on safety for every single task that we carry out. All activities are carried out in accordance with the LM Wind Power Global HSE policy. All our service contracts come with an HSE clause and projects are planned with a firm focus on HSE standards. Our philosophy - Nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely

    Innovation is our toolkit - Our people come with the expertise to operate special tools and equipment,  keeping the downtime of your wind turbine to a minimum.

    Working several meters above the ground to service and repair blades requires a trained crew. Our technicians have the capability and the skill to carry out the most intricate of procedures expertly and safely.
    All LM Wind Power service technicians go through extensive customized training programs and courses to continuously refresh their knowledge and further improve their skills.

    In addition to the training in new products and repair methods, the customized training programs include safe pass training, working in heights and rescuing, first aid and medical test, working in confined spaces and fire extinguishing. The globally coordinated training ensures that our service technicians have the same high level of skills no matter where in the world they are trained and stationed

    Focus on  maintenance

    A pioneering platform

    Efficient and convenient

    The platform is suspended on the turbine tower and ‘crawls’ up the blades on wires. We have managed to make this tool a vital cog in our maintenance procedures by customizing it to our needs and tasks, and working from this platform is a flexible, versatile and efficient alternative for solving tasks that would otherwise require an expensive lift crane in remote areas.

    Focus on rope teams

    We know the "ropes"

    "I am climbing on turbines practically every day. It is very demanding but also fun! Thorough preparation and daily training are crucial when you need to perform your work while hanging from a rope". - Celso Perez Gomez

    Rappelling team inspecting rotor blade. Service technicians hanging from ropes on a blade.
    Focus on rope teams

    Flexible and cost-effective

    Our specially trained rope teams  perform a number of simpler tasks and inspections quickly and safely

    Each rope team consists of three specially trained service technicians, who can be deployed on all turbine tower types. The rope teams primarily handle surface inspections and smaller repair tasks e.g. involving vortex generators, lightning receptors, minor holes and imperfections.