Innovate for Excellence

    From manufacturing furniture, to boats, to wind turbine blades, we constantly re-invent our products and the way we work. Today, our cutting-edge blade designs make wind power more compelling by reducing the cost of energy.

    Innovation is in our DNA

    While our history is replete with examples of invention and re-invention, our approach to innovation today is targeted and has a clear direction. This strategy yields results – with LM Wind Power developing more than 70 percent of our products in the past five years.

    As difficult as it is to completely ‘systematize’ something as indefinable as creativity, we have developed a corporate culture that places clear value and direction on novel ideas.

    At LM Wind Power we constantly work on new technologies to both enhance performance and push the limits on wind farm location. Some of our most prominent examples are the SafeReceptor Insulated Lightning Protection System, high performance leading edge protection, advanced monitoring systems, de-icing and aerodynamic add-on features, along with many more products in the pipeline.

    Many innovations originate in our global R&D centers in Denmark, the Netherlands and India which are staffed by about 100 specialists. However, innovation is very much in our DNA across all of LM Wind Power, and is not simply restricted to our product innovations. Innovation for us is holistic, but with a firm focus on making wind compelling, competitive and cost effective.

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    Innovate for Excellence

    We never run out of patents

    With over 190 patent families to our credit, LM Wind Power is amongst the pioneers of technological advancement in the wind industry.

    We received our first patent way back in 1968 for a special conveyor used to transfer live fish into a lorry. This history of innovation continues today: since beginning to develop wind turbine blades in 1978, we have patented more than 190 inventions.

    Reducing the cost of energy

    Bigger, taller, faster – all clear trends, when looking at the evolution of wind turbine technology over the past ten years. Reducing the cost of energy is the constant target, and engineers are pushing the boundaries of blade length and tip speeds to increase annual energy production.

    Our consistency in producing significantly longer, lighter blades is unmatched – drawing on pre-bending technology and intensive materials research. In addition, thoroughly testing airfoil designs in our in-house wind tunnel guarantees aerodynamic efficiency, with a comparatively higher energy output even at low wind speeds.

    LM Wind Power focuses on four areas to maximize value and minimize cost: improved blade efficiency, increased rotor swept-area, proven reliability and regular maintenance to retain high performance. These are just a few of our many product advantages.

    Innovate for excellence

    Innovation projects

    Hyller. InnoTip. iRotor.

    Learn more about these three innovative projects, led by LM Wind Power.

    Innovate for excellence

    Joint research

    A consistent focus on research helps us maintain our leading position.

    At LM Wind Power, we believe in sharing knowledge and  combining research to conquer new fields of innovation. We actively engage in a number of  major national and international, multi-stakeholder programs with the potential to create breakthroughs for wind energy.


    We create value for the long term

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