Delivering reliable blades, faster

    All new LM Wind Power blade types undergo a series of tests at our certified laboratories for every aspect of performance and reliability. We are the only wind turbine blade manufacturer to have our very own wind tunnel and in-house testing facilities for full scale blade tests.

    Keeping all the test facilities in-house gives us the highest level of flexibility and helps us deliver the blades to our customers sooner. We currently have four test beds for dynamic testing and one for static testing. The largest of these has recently been extended, with a capacity to test blades as long as 80 meters. Besides static and dynamic tests, new blade types are also tested at our very own wind tunnel. This sophisticated tunnel allows our team of scientists and engineers to test the aerodynamic properties of our blade types in simulated conditions that match real wind conditions.

    DANAK Accreditation
    Our testing laboratory has been accredited for the testing of wind turbine blades by DANAK – the Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund under ILAC (the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation). This means that our measurements and reports can be used as the basis for blade type approval by authorities such as Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in Norway and Germanischer Lloyd (GL) in Germany.

    As part of the accreditation process, LM Wind Power’s technical expertise and processes were studied using the ISO 9001 and DS/EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards concerning general requirements for testing and calibration laboratories. In addition, DANAK carries out annual audits in our laboratory

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    Pure wind at 105 meters per second

    Our in-house wind tunnel simulates dynamic operating wind conditions, allowing us to examine aerodynamic properties and experiment with different solutions  for actively controlling the loads.

    Building a reliable blade

    Strength & endurance

    Rigorous testing to ensure reliability throughout blade lifetime.

    Every new LM Wind Power blade type is put through rigorous static and dynamic tests.

    The test section of LM Wind Power's wind tunnel. The aerodynamics of the airfoils are tested using state of the art sensor technology.


    Building a reliable blade


    Everything we do is by design.

    LM Wind Power has perfected the art of blade design over the past three decades. While the digital age has changed the way we generate our designs, the balance between key properties and fundamental blade concepts continue to form the basis of our designs.

    Building a reliable blade


    The optimal balance between price and performance.

    Via smart engineering, we 'stretch' what our materials are capable of and continually expand the envelope of what can be achieved.

    Building a reliable blade


    One team, one process, one blade.

    When we manufacture blades, we stay true to our core value, "Work as one team." Irrespective of where our blades are produced, the philosophy, the process and quality remain the same.