Rudong, China - 73 Plus erection

    5 MW - 6 MW

    Reliable blade technology backed by a proven offshore track record: over 3,000 equivalent blade-years of offshore operational experience.

    Delivering on offshore requirements today while preparing for the demands of tomorrow

    The complexities of the marine environment demand high quality, reliable technologies which ensure predictable OPEX and overall business case certainty. LM Wind Power is a proven leader in this sector, As the first company to install offshore blades. 

    Our engineers onstantly push the boundaries of blade size, airfoils hape and material technology, laying the foundations for 90+ meter blades that are expected to power turbines of up to 10 MW in the future. Our specialist capabilities repeatedly make us leaders in the size race, such as with the launch of the LM 73.5 P – which for years was the world’s longest rotor blade in serial production. And now, we've shattered the length record again, with the LM 88.4 P

    More than 35 years of experience
    We base our offshore blades on more than 35 years of experience in blade design and manufacturing and more than 185,000 blades – driven by in-house materials research and full-scale testing which stretches beyond certification requirements.

    Proven track record
    Since 1991, we have produced hundreds of multi-megawatt LM Wind Power blades for 16 offshore wind farms in the UK, China, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. And LM Wind Power continues to work on the next generation of blades longer than 88.4 meters.

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    4.0 MW - 6.0 MW nominal power output
    Blade type Rotor (M) Bolt circle diameter (MM) Blade length (M)
    LM 66.5 P 136 3200 66.5
    73+ 150 3200 73.5

    Global supply chain

    Our global manufacturing footprint includes factories located on 4 continents in 8 countries.   With a global footprint in both established and emerging markets all over the world, LM Wind Power has built-in supply-chain flexibility to allow for production in multiple locations and faster time to market – with equally high quality and certification.

    Products & Services

    A Reliable partner and world-class technical support

    LM Wind Power is not only a blade specialist; we understand how every component of a wind turbine contributes to the final result. With numerous iterations and design loops, we work closely with our customers to develop the optimum blade solution fitting their specific needs. 

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    Blade types

    Our innovative designs have defined generations of wind turbine blades, and we continue to inspire and define the industry with cutting-edge technology and products.

    Products & Services

    We know blades

    What does it take to build a reliable  blade, able to withstand whatever forces nature brings its way over more than 20 years?

    A service technician after finishing his work on a wind turbine.
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    Service & maintenance

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