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    Culture and Values

    Our values transcend differences

    With operations that span four continents and countless cultures, we have our fair share of differences. But at LM Wind Power, the differences are a driver of innovation and synergy because of common values.

    Everywhere in the world, our teams are characterized by their cultural diversity and cross-functional expertise. At LM Wind Power, we view cultural, personal and professional differences as important drivers for innovation and development and not as factors that have to be overcome.

    Our strength lies in our ability to harness the values within our diversity to build a strong corporate culture. We integrate our organization’s values into our daily work and use that strong, common foundation to actively collaborate and create cutting-edge technology.

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    Our Values

    Focus on customer and market

    We dedicate ourselves to superior and long-term partnerships with our customers. We proactively develop solutions that meet their expectations. And we meet customers with the same friendly, helpful and collaborative behavior anywhere in the world. Our focus is on creating outstanding value by listening and reacting according to our customers' and markets' needs. 

    Our Values

    Work as one team

    At LM Wind Power, we work together towards clear common goals and objectives. We strive for consensus by recognizing the value of others'opinions and proactively share experiences to drive continuous cross-organizational learning. We cooperate closely and in alignment across geographical, cultural and functional boundaries to make sure we act as one company all around the world. 

    Employees walking together in a group inside LM Wind Power production facility at Qinhuangdao in China
    Worksituation in TCI Bangalore
    Our Values

    Trust and respect

    Our most important asset is our people. We believe that the diversity of our employees and partners enriches us and contributes to creating an exciting workplace with room for personal growth and development. Trust and respect are the foundation for this complemented by open and honest dialogue at all levels. We recognize the value of peoples' differences and enjoy learning from others! 

    Our Values

    Take ownership

    We recognize that we all need to take ownership to make our company a success - both as individuals and as a team. This means that we demonstrate and recognize personal initiative. We meet our commitments and do what we say! We do not let functional or role responsibilities prevent us from achieving common goals and we are always prepared to take the necessary decisions. 

    Employees at the LM Wind Power Wind Tunnel Test Lab in Lunderskov, Denmark.
    Our Values

    Innovate for excellence

    Our company was founded on a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation and this has become a part of our identity. This means that we relentlessly challenge the status quo to continuously improve. We think outside the box, using our collective creativity to pursue quantum changes. And we foster an environment that encourages innovation and attracts outstanding talent. Our focus on innovation helps us develop and produce class-leading, reliable products and services.


    Get the wind behind your career

    We are always looking for new, talented colleagues

    LM Wind Power is a pioneer in the Danish wind industry  and the world's leading independent supplier of blades for wind turbines, with  13 factories on four continents. We have all technical disciplines in-house:  materials laboratories,  design and modelling, a wind tunnel, full scale testing and production. Explore the exciting positions available.


    Meet your colleagues

    We are first and foremost an international cutting-edge technology company. Our diverse work force includes engineers, specialists, skilled operators and support professionals. Meet some of them here.


    You own your development

    A career at LM Wind Power means working in an international, diverse, safe and innovative environment. And, joining our team is just the starting point.

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