GE wind farm Parnaida,  LM56.9 P blades, shot in 2016 by Piet Simonsen

    LM Wind Power

    A GE Renewable Energy business

    Reducing the cost of energy, together

    LM Wind Power is NOW part of GE Renewable Energy, in a joint effort to power a cleaner world and unleash limitless energy.

    With over three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as the preferred supplier of wind turbine blades worldwide. In fact, almost every fifth turbine in the world is fitted with LM Wind Power blades. This includes thousands of GE turbines on land and in the sea.

    Our long-standing partnership with GE has yielded many innovations and commercial successes. Now, as part of GE Renewable Energy, together we can offer higher performing, more productive wind turbines, while continuing to reduce the cost of energy and improve returns on our customers’ investments. At the same time, we are equally committed to maintaining and growing our business with all customers.

    Learn more about this new chapter for LM Wind Power and GE Renewable Energy.

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    Press Desk

    A historic moment

    We are proud to announce that on April 20, 2017 we became part of GE Renewable Energy. 

    Visit our Press Desk to download and read the press release!


    Explore GE Renewable Energy

    Combining onshore and offshore wind, hydro and innovative technologies such as concentrated solar power, GE Renewable Energy has installed more than 370 gigawatts capacity globally to make the world work better and cleaner.

    73.5 Blades for Block Island, loaded on vessel in Esbjerg, Denmark, June 2016

    1/5 Turbines world wide have LM Wind Power blades
    8,178 Employees year-end 2016
    195,000 Blades  since 1978
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    Download the latest LM Wind Power fact sheet.

    Let's start with the basics: LM Wind Power is the world's leading component supplier to the wind industry, providing blades, service and logistics. Learn more about our company highlights and history in this two-page fact sheet.


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